My mom accidentally killed a cat years ago because of this. Please, please re-blog!



My mom accidentally killed a cat years ago because of this. Please, please re-blog!


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Anonymous said: have you ever accidentally eaten something containing animal products and didn't realize it until it was too late? do you think someone could still be a vegan if that happened? (I'm a vegan too and today i accidentally ate peanuts that for some reason had gelatin) im sorry but I feel awful and would appreciate your advice a whole lot


Don’t worry! I think A LOT of people have done this and I have too. I used to buy a certain kind of crisps that were vegan friendly and once I was eating them quite happily and I realised they had changed the recipe and now contained whey >_< It was a total accident.

Of course you can still be vegan! Life is full of mistakes and absolutely no one is perfect. It was an accident and no one should make you feel bad for that, including yourself! It’s completely bizarre that peanuts would have gelatin any way and most likely if I were to buy peanuts or anything like that I’d assume they were vegan by nature and not check so it would happen to me too!

Try not to feel bad about what happened. It was an accident! You are an amazing, caring and compassionate person for being vegan (and for worrying so much about this!) and one little mistake can’t take that away from you <3

Beautiful and true words. :)

Useful advice. My personal faves to use are the flax seed mix for stuff like cookies and bananas of course for cupcakes and muffins. :)

Useful advice. My personal faves to use are the flax seed mix for stuff like cookies and bananas of course for cupcakes and muffins. :)

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Anonymous said: Calling people asshats when they don't share your lifestyle choices is actually kind of an a jerky thing to do, don't you think?

It would be a jerk move if I were saying it to their face or even posting this knowing that they would see it, however I’m very sure that they will not be seeing that post. Part of my motivation in writing a blog is to vent some of my feelings. While I used to be angry and confrontational about the fact that people sometimes didn’t share my lifestyle choices I now wish they could experience it too, being vegan has been one of the best experiences of my life, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

So yes I have been a bit of a jerk in the past, but I’ve grown up since then and have learned it does no good to insult people, but rather to give them the option of being vegan, lay out all the facts before them and let them make the choice themselves. If they don’t, well that’s their loss. (in my opinion of course :)

brick-wall-views said: wicked blog! just came across you because of the tumblr radar and so glad I did. I've only just begun to be a vegan and this blog will really help me if I need some inspiration, thanks!

Thank you! I try to make being vegan be a happy and welcoming experience, I hope that I succeed in doing so at least some of the time. I find that when starting to go vegan there is a lot of negative views against it, so I hope I can be at least one positive view and help you continue with a vegan diet and lifestyle. :)



“this cat doesn’t even want to eat it just wants to WARM ITS FACE”

i want to do this now.


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Anonymous said: tarifleri varmı

I looked this up on google translate. If I’m correct and translate is working you said “has recipes” in Turkish. So yup that’s what I have :)

Anonymous said: Hey I'm a junior in high school and I have Human Anatomy and Physiology as my science this year. My teacher explained what we'll be doing this year and she said we'll be dissecting a lot. I'm vegetarian and I'm having trouble deciding if this would be a problem or not. Do you have any input?

Hello, this is a great question. I also had a science class that did some dissections, this was at the time when I was considering my choices with vegetarianism and veganism so dissecting an animal was a horrible experience for me at that time and I would never want to have to repeat it.

I personally think that though humans have indeed learned from animal dissections in the past, repeating the same cruel process for thousand other students rather than using a less harmful online dissection is ridiculous to say the least.

Many high schools will accept a substitution of doing an online dissection, if the idea of dissections does in fact turn out to be something you are uncomfortable pursuing then perhaps asking your teacher if an opportunity like this would be available would be the first step.

Long winded I know, hopefully this answered your question :)

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